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       December 2012 Newsletter

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Orphanage Outreach

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In our last update, we spoke about ministering in orphanages and also our discipleship group under the tree.

For a period of about 4 months, we were able to minister regularly in a couple of orphanages. Our desire was to minister the life of the Word to the teenagers.
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In one of the orphanages, Nobule, a young lady of sixteen, was so blessed with what she was receiving that she decided to share it with her friends at school. She took extra handouts that contained the bible verses in order to give them out. She would go over the verses with her friends and tell them what she had learned. She told us that her friends got so excited that they fought over the few extra copies that she had.
Kids of the Orphanage
Nobule the Lesson Giver
Discipleship Under the Tree
On another note, the discipleship group under the tree is going very well. People continue to be ministered to by the Lord. It is great to see people grow in hunger for Jesus. We made it a point that we would not start groups where we bring “stuff” for the people. We wanted people to come because they see the spiritual benefit that the Word produces in the hearts of those who receive.

Recently, we ministered on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and we were blessed to see Jesus baptize people in the Holy Spirit after the ministry of the Word. The next week, we taught on the purpose and the benefit of praying in the Spirit. After the message, we took some time to demonstrate how we can pray and should pray in the Spirit at any time.

As the group was praying in the Spirit, many of the ladies started weeping for joy as the Holy Spirit began ministering to their hearts. How awesome it is to see how the Lord confirms His Word!
Holy Spirit Ministering to Ladies
For the past four weeks, we've been ministering on the believer’s new nature and new identity in Christ. After the first message, Bongi, our interpreter, said that she had never heard anything like what she had just heard before. She actually said that she is jealous for other people because they do not know the truths that she had just received.
Bongi is going back to the rural area where she is from during the next few weeks to be with her family. She told us that she is taking everything that we taught her and she is going to preach to all of her people! That is what it is all about. Seeing others take what they've received and then give it to others!

Please pray with us for her that the Word would produce a breakthrough and a pulling down of strongholds that exist in the minds of the people.
(Jer. 1:9-10; 2 Cor. 10:4-5)

Thank you for being a partner with us. Together, we are making a difference for the Kingdom of God!
Co-Laborers in Christ,

Sean and Lisa Michaud
Ministering on the New Nature in Christ
We did notice after the third week, however, that she wasn't grasping what it means to live according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh. We figured if she wasn't grasping what we were teaching, since she was interpreting, no one else could be grasping what we were ministering.

We decided that we needed to spend some time alone with Bongi, so we met her at Constance’s house (the host of the group) and went over everything in detail for over two hours. Both Bongi and Constance had the “lights come on” during that two hour period.

This last Wednesday, as we ministered, there was a difference in the way people were receiving. Since Bongi understood what we were ministering from the Word, she was able to interpret in a fashion that others were able to understand. When we were closing in prayer, one of the ladies began to weep and was thanking and worshipping the Lord in joyfulness.
Giving Christmas Food Bags
To Wednesday Ladies' Regulars
Surprise Food for Orphanage for Christmas