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       September 2012 Newsletter

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Discipleship Group Under A Tree

We have great news! For the past few months, we’ve been ministering in orphanages and also began a discipleship group under a tree. This month, we’ll focus on the discipleship group under the tree.

In keeping with the desire to go and bring the good news to people and to make disciples, a group was started where people come to hear the Word. After meeting Bongi through friends of ours, Bongi then introduced us to Constance, and it was decided that we would meet outside Constance’s home and that she would invite her friends in the area. Bongi has helped us with interpreting into Zulu.
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Sean & Lisa Michaud
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After the first group, we decided that we needed to make our messages very simple, due to many phrases being ‘lost in translation’. We decided that the best method would be to make each message ‘theme’ based and give everyone a print-out that contains Zulu Bible verses and the people would read the verses for themselves. We would then help the people to see what God is saying to each of them from His Word for themselves.

It seems that the people are really receiving the Word. One day, we ministered on the ‘Blood of Jesus’ and only trusting in Jesus alone. We saw three ladies turn to Christ. It is awesome because their culture is to go to sangomas (witch doctors) and they do not see any problem with that. They believe that sangomas are mediators between the living and their dead ancestors and that the ancestors are mediators for the Great Father. They believe in a form of Jesus, but not only in Jesus, and think they are believers because they like ‘Gospel’ music. The sangomas drink goat blood while they are being initiated, etc., and often times, there needs to be an animal sacrifice to bring peace with their ancestors. If they don't honor their ancestors, then they will become sick and cursed. So their culture is a culture of fear and many have never truly heard the Gospel. Many have heard, “Give 10 rand a week and you’ll be saved!” Many believe, “God gave us our culture and our ancestors to show us the way.”

It is pretty awesome because we're really not preaching messages, only reading scriptures in Zulu and asking questions. The lights come on after a while. During the message on the blood, verses were read how only the blood brings forgiveness or peace. (Heb. 9:22; Lev. 17:11) Of course, they already believe that, which is great. Then Heb. 10:4 is
read which clearly says that the blood of bulls and GOATS cannot take away sins. Then they see that Jesus gave His own blood for us. In Eph. 1:7, in the Zulu, it states that we have PROTECTION and forgiveness through His blood, so we don't have to be scared of being cursed if we truly believe in Him. Then we read 1 Tim. 2:5 which states that there is only one God (which they already believe) and only one mediator between God and men, Jesus. So we don't need any other mediator.
It seems to be working as we are seeing people genuinely turn to Jesus knowing what they are doing. God has also confirmed His Word concerning Jesus and faith in Him by healing many people. Constance was healed of high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. The Lord healed one grandmother who couldn’t lift her arm above her shoulder due to breaking her arm many years before. Being able to see the joy on her face as she was able to lift her arm without pain for the first time in many, many years was priceless. Another lady was healed of deafness, praise the Lord!

We have begun putting together audio bible themes in Zulu that people can listen to on their own. We found a dramatized Zulu NT online and downloaded it and so we have been piecing different themes together of only bible verses being read that build a case that all we need is Jesus and we need to turn to Him. So far, the following themes have been completed: Salvation, The Blood, Repentance, and Authority and Power. We are going to complete more theme’s and then burn them to CD. As we start giving them out, we believe that the Lord will use this in opening up people’s hearts to Him and the Truth. Please pray with us that the light of truth would shine upon the hearers so that they would be able to believe.

We are so excited to see what the Lord is doing. We are truly blessed to have met Bongi who has such a heart to reach people with the Gospel. She is 100% sold out and committed to the Lord. She knows that Jesus is all that we need and that culture is secondary to the truth of the Word. She has been taking the extra hand-outs and she has been using them to teach people. This is our desire, to see others use what they’ve been blessed with!

The other day, we discovered after one of our gatherings, that Bongi didn’t have sufficient food. Thanks to our partners, we were able to provide her with a substantial amount of food. Thank you!

Together, we are making a difference for the Kingdom of God!
Co-Laborers in Christ,

Sean and Lisa Michaud
Discipleship Under the Tree
If you would like to see the simple lessons that we are using, you may use the link or go to our website and use the MEDIA tab. Then use the Zulu Lessons link.
If you would like to see the simple lessons that we are using, you may use the link or go to our website and use the MEDIA tab. Then use the Zulu Lessons link.