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       December 2014 Newsletter

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Sean & Lisa Michaud
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Merry Christmas to all of our friends and partners! This is an awesome time of the year where we can reflect on the goodness and the love of God who sent His Son to reconcile us to Himself. This is the season where we enjoy giving and receiving gifts. Let us not forget the greatest Gift that was given for man to receive—Jesus, the Word who became flesh.

Because of this great Gift, we had the awesome opportunity during October and November to travel and minister the Word in New York, Massachusetts and India. Praise the Lord!

But first, we would like to share a revelation that the Lord gave me a couple of years ago from Genesis 15:1. It says, “After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.”(NKJV) The revelation is that God is our exceedingly great reward. Not His promises to us, not His calling for us, not what He can do for us, but He Himself is our reward.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that He is our reward and we make something or someone else our reward or focus. We can even make the call of God or what we do for God our reward. God had just given Abraham a great calling, vision, and purpose for his life in Genesis 12. But in Genesis 15:1, He made sure that Abraham didn’t lose sight of the fact the God Himself was his reward, not the promise given to Abraham.

This is important because we can become discouraged and even depressed when we feel that we aren’t attaining the promise quick enough. The Lord spoke this to me in reference to Genesis 15:1. “When you are discouraged with your ministry because it isn’t yet where you believe it should be, you have made ministry your reward. If you are depressed, it is because you have made something else your reward rather than Me. If I am truly your reward, you could never be discouraged!” If we become discouraged, that is the great indicator that we have made something else our reward and focus instead of Jesus.

October and November Ministry Trips

As mentioned earlier, we just finished traveling and ministering during the last two months. In New York, we had the opportunity to minister in a church in Albany for the first time, where many were ministered to and blessed. In Massachusetts, we had a great time sharing the Word in two bible schools.

In November, we were able to go to India for the first time. It was a tremendous experience and a great time of ministry and encouragement to the people. We ministered in bible schools in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. It was a blessing being able to minister to students who were hungry for the Word. Some of those students are already in ministry and others have plans to start churches and ministries in other regions of India.

CBC Chennai Students

We also ministered in two churches in Hyderabad and one church in Chennai. While in Chennai, we visited the orphanage that we mentioned in our last newsletter. We were able to minister to the children and the leadership while we were there.

Ministering at the Orphanage

The pastor who runs the orphanage broke his leg in a motorcycle accident some time ago and the bone didn’t set correctly. Due to that, the doctors had to remove a portion of his bone in order for it to mend correctly. This caused one of his legs to be shorter than the other, which caused him lots of problems and pain. We laid hands on him and Jesus healed his leg. It was totally healed, restored and level with the other leg. Praise Jesus!

Also, the director of the bible school in Chennai invited us to minister in the dedication service of his church. It was the first service in their new facilities. What is interesting is that the church had a banner with Genesis 15:1 written on it. Awesome!

Lisa Ministering at the
Church Dedication in Chennai

Thank you partners! Together, we are making it possible for Jesus to reach people with the Good News of His Gospel! Together, we are making a difference for the Kingdom of God!

Co-Laborers in Christ,

Sean and Lisa Michaud

A Motorized Rickshaw that we Used In Mumbai

Church in Hyderabad

Lisa and Sean Wearing Indian Garb

The Place Where St. Thomas is Believed
to have been Martyred in Chennai around 72AD