Kingdom Equippers Ministries International

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached
in all the world as a witness to all the nations... "
Matthew 24:14
Kingdom Equippers Ministries International

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached
in all the world as a witness to all the nations... "
Matthew 24:14
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The Power of Grace - Sean Michaud

“Grace” is much more than just a definition! In this series, we will discover how to apply “grace” in our everyday lives... (Read More)
How to Receive the New Life in Christ - Sean Michaud

While I was in Trinidad back in 2003, when I walked into a Radio Shack, the Lord spoke to me that I was going to put my foundational teaching on DVD and it would be used in Russia. I wasn't even in Russia!    (Read More)
Walking in God's Purpose for Your Life - Sean Michaud

Many believers are going through life not knowing God's purpose for their lives. That is not the way God intended life to be. Because God is good, His plan for our lives is so much better and fullfillng than any plan that we could make and settle on for ourselves. (Read More)
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Messages by Sean and Lisa Michaud
Grace Foundations - Sean Michaud

In this series, many different aspects of the Christian life are looked at with grace being the ability to walk in them. Topics include: Healing, True Prosperity and Giving, Prayer, Righteousness, The New Creation Life (Spirit, Soul & Body), The Fruit of the (Read More)
Are You Looking to the Life of Job or the Life of Jesus? - Sean Michaud

In this series, we will discover that we need to see the Word and life through the lense of Jesus and not the life of Job. For many, the book and life of Job is the default setting for their lives... When life doesn't make sense, the temptation can be to try and (Read More)
Receiving Your Inheritance - Sean Michaud

In this series, we will discover that we have the same inheritance as Jesus. When we believe what God says about us, we enable Jesus to receive His inheritance through us. The simple truths contained in this series are an eye-opener for many. (Read More)
Is Your Truth Rightly Divided? - Sean Michaud

If you have ever asked the following questions or heard such statements, this series is a must.   ... Was Jesus the first man that was born-again?... Do signs and wonders prove the accuracy of the message being preached? What about the ministry of angels (Read More)
The New Covenant Believer's Authority - Lisa Michaud

As a child of God, do you find yourself being overcome by life and by the fiery darts of the enemy? In this series you'll discover imperative keys to walking in your God-given authority, defeating the enemy, and reigning in life.
Seeing God Move - Sean Michaud

Many believers are waiting on God's perfect timing for God to move in their lives. Many are waiting for the "stirring" of the waters because they are not convinced that God is "ready".
(Read More)
Understanding the Heart of Prayer - Sean Michaud

A lot of people do not enjoy their relationship with God and many times this is due to anxiety and fear over what they perceive to be failure in their "prayer life". A lot of people feel that their prayers are fruitless but they "drudge through" because they feel that (Read More)
Come Alive Radio Broadcast in Trinidad - The Believer's Identity - Sean Michaud

These are the two radio broadcasts that were aired in Trinidad and Tobago on the evenings of  April 11 and 18, 2013 on station ISAAC 98.1 FM.
Standing in the Evil Day - Sean Michaud

Did you know that there is an ability or a grace that is available to the believer in order to stand in the evil day? What is the evil day? The evil day includes persecution, attacks of the devil, etc. Most people do not know that such a grace that enables (Read More)
The Importance of Your Heart - Lisa Michaud

Your heart is the key to everything in life. What you see in your life is a direct reflection of what is in your heart. Your heart is of most importance to God. Is your heart of most importance to you?
Calling Those Things - Lisa Michaud
God's Timing - Sean Michaud

Many people are waiting on God to send revival and to move in their communities and families. The bible says that God waited in the days of Noah until the ark was completed before the waters came. Could it be, that God is waiting for you to step out (Read More)
The Blessing Series - Sean Michaud

Most believers get excited about miracles, and they should. However, God has something much better for His people and that is for His people to live in the blessing. The blessing is so much more than things, it is most importantly a relationship with Jesus (Read More)
Audio Teaching List
What About... - Sean Michaud

This is a collection of messages that address questions that arise concerning various topics. The topics include:

Questions Regarding God's Character we answer why certain things took place in the bible that might portray God as a genocidal maniac. We will discover that certain things had to take place as a temporal measure until Jesus provided the cure for sin. (Read More)
Be Still - Lisa Michaud

Most believers know the verse, "Be still, and know that I am God." However, if you're anxious for anything, that is a telltale sign that you don't fully know God and that is why you aren't still and haven't been able to enter into His rest. This series will  (Read More)
Dynamics Concerning the Will of God - Sean Michaud

Many believers are under condemnation and fear because they feel that they are not fulfilling the will of God for their lives. Not only that, but believers also doubt that they hear God and misunderstand how God usually leads and speaks. Many believers  (Read More)
Recent Teachings
Discipleship Evangelism (DE) - Sean Michaud

This series of teachings comes from the Discipleship Evangelism Workbook... We have used these lessons while discipling believers in various countries. Each lesson gives a solid introduction to the topic being discussed and we have found that it gives people (Read More)